tall-pic-sm[1]The “Greeniosk System” is our secure auditable cash transactions solution for Point of Sale retail locations.

The kiosk itself is a completely secure housing for both software and the cash deposited into the machine. Each unit is comprised of quality technological components and housed in an all metal constructed chassis.

Every transaction is securely tracked where even the transactions’ currency is scanned, verified and then securely stored. A voucher is then printed for the customer to use.

This voucher then ties directly into our POS software which means the Greeniosk kiosk can be used stand-alone or coupled with our Cloud-based POS system for an additional layer of compliance and security.

It’s compliance reporting capabilities are unmatched by anything else in the industry as it’s the only compliance/auditing system that addresses the “4 Pillars of Compliance”:

  1. Licensing: Business Product Intake
  2. Verification: Client Identity Verification
  3. Regulation: Client Purchase Allocation
  4. Traceability: Financial Institution Traceability

Our compliance and auditing system is completely unique! There is nothing quite like it in today’s marketplace, regardless of industry!

The system allows you to track if you’re operating within your State’s compliance rules and also easily generates correlating reports! This makes it easy to track your inventory with the Greeniosk’s dynamic inventory management system that helps you get the best sales from the products you purchase and keeps your customers engaged with real-time digital signage screens.

You can even utilize customer data to manage and cater to your customers with integrated up-sells, detailed order history and much more! Learn more about the Greeniosk by visiting www.Greeniosk.com or contact us today for details on how our compliance system can work for your business!